For many years I've suffered in silence with depression & after a severe breakdown, I was struggling emotionally & a good friend of mine reached out & wanted to help & that she did through Hypnosis & 12 months later I honestly haven't felt better, in fact better than I have in the 16 yrs of suffering, through my hypnosis session I got to the core of my suffering & helped myself through the inner deeper part of my subconscious with my good friends hypnotic therapy, I learned about a previous life & the fears I carried into this life such as claustrophobia & why I suffer, due to being buried alive as a 8yr old child in my previous life & the man who had done this was also the same person in this life who sexually assaulted me when I was younger to which I had buried deep within my self conscious, only through my hypnosis was it revealed & I could truly start to heal. I was skeptical, yet I was at a point in my life I needed to try something other than medications to heal my spirit & mental state, I owe so much to Jana & it's only now I realize exactly how much hypnotherapy can help ones mental state of mind on such a deeper level, my overall outlook, if you believe your struggling with some issues in life, give Jana a call, she's devoted & passionate about what she does & she's such a caring compassionate soul, you will truly benefit, trust me, I couldn't be happier & I now challenge myself everyday & doing things my anxiety & depression would normally hold me back from doing, it's a day by day process, yet in 4mths or more you'll re-listen to your session & you'll just say WOW.. I couldn't be more profoundly grateful for Hypnotherapy & for such a caring true friend such as Jana for introducing hypnosis to me.
- Teresa

For the first time in a long time I am actually content with my life. I have had so much lifted off me. I am so thankful for my family and friends, I've learnt that for me happiness and sadness co-exist and I'm ok with that. I am so much happier than I've been in a long time, I've found peace in myself with everything I've been through. I've had my eyes open to what I already knew I just didn't know how to deal with it. I know I'm going to be ok. I know what I want, I know what I deserve and I'm not going to settle. Finally finding myself again and I honestly need to thank Jana for opening my eyes, and I'm still pain free. It's so interesting how our minds work I can't explain why but your hypnotherapy worked for me — feeling blissful.
- Angela

Finally I understand what is going on with a particular family member!!! I was always down on myself for not being a likable person, that I just couldn’t get on with people. I thought I must be someone that just did things to annoy those around me without even trying. I started getting quite depressed because of the arguments that would always eventuate out of what seemed every situation. I always felt blamed. It turns out there was a past life with the same people and jealousy over the affection and attention which resulted in my murder!! Wow!!
I also was able to see how the other person felt and how desperate the situation became for the her, how she thought murder was the only option. Seeing and feeling those strong emotions of jealously during hypnosis, made me understand the feelings that are surfacing for her now, probably every time she sees me. What really made the difference from then on was knowing that it wasn’t me provoking, or being bad at friendships. I now know it is her insecurities resurfacing. So fascinating. I wish she would have get hypnotized too, it would help her so much. So grateful to have the understanding now, I even feel sorry for the family member now.

- Anonymous

When I visited Jana for a session I actually fell asleep, well thats what I thought anyway! when I woke up I apologized to her for wasting her time and that I did not have much sleep the night before, she laughed at me and said she had been talking with me for the last hour. When I listened back to the recording it was true my sub conscious was rambling on to her the whole time and answering questions and situations for me. Wow i didn’t even realize....
Jana had even asked my Sub conscious for physical healing of certain parts of my body that where hurting at the time and when I woke I had total healing of the pain... was kind of strange for me to wake up and have no pain in my back and wrist after having this pain the last 5 years and when I listen to the recording I can hear Jana asking the subconscious if it can remove this pain in which I replied “yes”.
Turns out I didn’t help in a situation in which someone i cared for ended up dying - which resulted in my painful wrist. And my back was hurting because i never felt I had support around me. I was shown the reason for both.
After seeing Jana for a Hypnosis session I have full clarity of why things may have played out and why i felt the way I did and as a result have concurred these problems and I am at full health again and feeling good about life.

- Chris

I had a session out of curiosity, there wasn’t any particular reason I wanted to explore a past life, it just sounded fascinating. I didn’t think it would work for me but it did, and I was surprised at how I just “knew” stuff that was going on. I saw 5 different lives, all with their own message. It was quite amazing and in particular it was fascinating to go to the moment just before I was born.
- Katie