About Quantum Sleep

A simple technique developed and inspired from the induction in hypnosis to help people fall asleep. Using the hypnosis principles in accessing memories, I have modified some elements to finally get some real help for insomnia and people who can’t sleep.

Everywhere else that I have searched for help for insomnia, all I ever read are things like reduce caffeine, listen to soothing music, reduce screen time, try these foods - avoid others… herbs, pills, potions and lotions. But none address the fact that it is the brain that needs to activate the parts that are used while sleeping, which automatically stops the thinking… and it’s so easy.

Sometimes it only takes one distressing event to set the insomnia wheels into action which can result in long term anxiety every time you need to get to sleep. Long after the event that caused you sleepless nights in the first place, you can still have the effects simply due to the belief that you can’t sleep anymore.

Your overactive brain knows the cue, so it goes right into action at it’s usual time and place - your bed! Before you know it you have been tossing and turning for hours and your whole head feels like it is buzzing.

Download your copy and end the search for a magic cure for your insomnia.