Insomnia or broken sleep? Get your step by step workshop today!

Quantum Sleep's audio tracks use the unique RIFFS method. You can easily learn the technique and train your mind to fall asleep within minutes every night. You do not need to listen to this track every night to fall asleep. Learn what to do.

• A printable PDF with step by step instructions on how to fall asleep using the RIFFS method.
• A printable bedside RIFFS summary for easy reference.
• The mashed potatoes track for you to keep.
• Extract from 2 separate hypnosis sessions with information about the sleep/depression/anxiety link
and about the structure of interactions with the people around you.

Try the free guided visualisation track before you buy to see if the RIFFs method works for you.


Children with Nightmares

Have your child listen to the guided track when they are in bed ready to sleep.
It is designed to empower them to take control over anything they might see in a dream.
It uses gentle defences along with the RIFFS method to help them fall asleep.