Frequently Asked Questions

What is QHHT?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy

It is a unique technique of past life (or present life) hypnosis.

It was founded and taught by Dolores Cannon who developed the perfect technique for physical healing over her very long career. It allows the client to get to the grass roots cause of what emotional or mental issues have caused a physical manifestation or illness.

I give you a recording of the entire session which you can listen to.

Why is QHHT unique?

Because I access and speak with your subconscious following the past life/lives. This is sometimes referred to as the higher self, higher conscious, oversoul. Whatever you want to call it, it is the all knowing part of you. The part that leads and controls the session, that showed the lives, that knows why you came in the first place, knows what you need more than you, it IS YOU.

Other past life regression techniques take you to the life/lives, bringing to the surface events that may stir up very real emotions. They explore the lives and then conclude the session. Unless the subconscious is called in to answer questions about what you saw, then you are left to deal with whatever you saw, and you are left to work out what you are to do with that information. How it is relevant to your life now? Who was in that life that is in your life now? Are your health problems directly linked to that life/scene? Only the subconscious can answer these important questions. The subconscious also does a body scan.

Why can QHHT be more effective than most healing modalities?

When a person has a health issue, we need to understand that it is not simply “bad luck”, or a result of using a tool too much, or falling the wrong way. Every symptom on the body is a message. Hear the message, understand it, and the message no longer needs to be there. It’s as simple as that. In many cases where medication or any remedies are not working, it is usually because the root of the cause (or the message) is still there, and hasn’t been heard. Unless the reason is uncovered, then often nothing will work.

What can QHHT be beneficial for?

Anything and everything.

Asthma, cancer, allergies, autoimmune disorders, eczema, muscular, aches, heart, MS, diabetes, depression, anxiety, insomnia, O.C.D, hoarders, joints, cysts, relationships... absolutely everything.

If you have a relationship issue that is very hard or you don’t understand why things turn so sour without even trying with a partner or family member, it is very likely you have shared a previous life.

Even a simple curiosity can have a very amazing session, because the purpose is to help and benefit the you in the very best way that it can. If there are no health, emotional or relationship issues, then there may be an amazing fun past life experience or some amazing information revealed for your personal and soul growth. It is amazing what clients who are just curious see.

Do you use, or mix other healing modalities?

No, I only see clients who want QHHT and perform only QHHT. I have not felt a need to incorporate or mix other healing modalities, however I do have other options that I can discuss and suggest that have also worked in the past with other health issues prior to learning QHHT. QHHT is very effective and essentially combines the principles of many other therapies. The subconscious can do anything that any other treatment can if it is appropriate!

Does physical healing occur and how?

A health problem is always a message from your higher self. If you think of it that way, then you can start listening to your body to find out why anything has manifested. Generally the illness and which part of the body is affected is an indication of what needs attention. Eg eyes, what don’t you want to see? legs not moving forward, or not walking the right path, throat not speaking up. Having a health problem is not just random chance or bad luck. We are all exposed to many things, often the same things, so why does one person develop something, while another doesn’t. I ask the subconscious to do a body scan which reveals any physical issues. It will also relate how an ailment is related to what you saw in the past life.

When is healing not “appropriate”?

Healing may not be appropriate when a person comes into this life intending to experience life with eg a disability or some physical or mental impairment. This is a karmic choice which is decided before coming here. The point before incarnation can sometimes be what a client sees to understand the meaning and purpose of this life. A soul that comes in with a severe disability may be doing so for the purpose of helping others around them. There is much benefit on a soul level to come here with a severe disability. It is very beneficial for them, and people around them.

Another example can be when the ailment is linked to a past experience and the role they are playing is still not completed - karma is still playing out.

A third example is when the subconscious wants the client to put in some effort and may say eg the eyes will improve over the next 6 months and she will use glasses less and less. She needs to realise she won’t be punished and her eyes won’t be burned out if she sees psychically/spiritually. She is still a little afraid and she needs to let go of the fear...

How long does it take?

For a full session, I always say to allow up to 3 hours in total.
The actually hypnosis is usually around 1.5hrs. This allows an hour before hand to go over any questions, health issues, significant past & childhood events, relationships etc. Discussing this information before starting allows me to know how to navigate your session, to know when something is important and to explore it. The last half hour or so is to discuss the session, how it relates to your life now, any instructions that were given during the subconscious, and any healing - what was fixed and why etc.

How many sessions are required?

Usually just one session is enough but if everything wasn’t able to be addressed you are welcome to come again. Any subsequent sessions are cheaper and less time is needed as the pre-talk is not necessary. Some people like to have sessions regularly out of curiosity.

What do I have to do?

Not much. I have 3 instructions.

1. Write a list of questions you would like to address. This prepares you subconsciously and begins your process.

2. Avoid coffee that morning.

3. Bring a device or usb if you prefer the recording on an electronic device. Otherwise I burn a disc.

4. Relax and enjoy the session. Your only job is to answer my questions and say anything and everything that you see, hear, feel.

Will I remember the hypnosis session?

Usually yes. Occasionally I have had clients who relax so much they wake up thinking they’d fallen asleep. I tell them they talked the whole time.

Is there anything to do afterward?

YES! It is important to listen to the session and it is vital that you hear it exactly how it was said by you, word for word. You should listen to it over and over, and down the track, a year later, 3 years later. More things will fall into place each time you listen. If you have had physical healing, you MUST listen to the recording so you can understand why the manifestation was there in the first place, how and why it was able to be healed.

What does it feel like to be hypnotized?

The experiences can vary, but for most people, if you close your eyes and think about a memory from childhood, that is how it feels. You don’t generally feel like you “go” anywhere. You are still very aware of me talking, that you are lying in my office. You just simply relax enough to allow yourself to recall “extra” memories that are tucked away. You never feel out of control and if you want to stop at any point you can. If you want to open your eyes, you can. If you don’t want to do something, you don’t.

What if I go to a traumatic event?

Because you are just recalling memories, it will simply be like recalling any memory. You are observing. You don’t feel like you are there, but you will feel the emotion, which is the important part of seeing that scene. Were you scared, angry, frustrated, sad, happy? That is what is relevant.

Is it always a traumatic event?

No. It can be a life where you were very influential, or in a position of power and how you used your status. Maybe as simple as getting shown a life where you helped others, or maybe helped no-one, you may go to just before you were born and you will see the life plan... anything. You may see when you shared a life with people in your life now, helping you to understand the relationship.

How can a session benefit me?

Simply seeing what happened in a past life in healing in itself.

Seeing interactions you had in previous lives with the people in your life now is very valuable and helps you to understand the relationship you have with each other. You will get a better perspective on your (and their) reactions. It can help in showing you that it is not anything you are doing, or not doing now, but it is the past emotions surfacing and affecting how things are dealt with now.

Why would this help?

You can release a lot of emotional baggage just by simply knowing what happened. Your physical healing can also begin once your message is heard. Your subconscious will add an explanation and instruction or advice to move through the issue, telling you what you need to hear.

Who can benefit?

Anyone and everyone can benefit. Anyone battling a debilitating illness, a terminal illness, emotionally fragile, completely healthy person, a happy person, a spiritual person, your child.

Can I trust you?

Your entire session, everything you see is led by you. Your higher self, the part of you that knows everything about you and the life you are living, and every life that you have ever lived. It knows what you need to see. I simply ask the right questions to get as much detail as possible. If at any point your subconscious doesn’t trust me, then it will not show anything. It won’t compromise you.

Can this technique be done on children?

It is not recommended to do a past life session on children, it is too confusing and they don’t have the capacity to understand. However, a parent can have a session with the intention of having their child as the main focus for healing or help. The parent can see whatever they need to see to help their child in the best way they can. We explore the events, and the subconscious can explain anything further, and in some cases where it is appropriate perform healing. Sometimes it may not be appropriate to do a full healing but I will always ask why so you have full understanding.

Can anything go wrong?

Firstly, because you don’t “go” anywhere, you won’t get “stuck” anywhere.

Secondly, if I stop talking, one of two things can happen while under hypnosis. The client can either fall asleep, just like taking a nap, or they can wake up and come out of trance. The intention of every session is always to benefit the person in the very best way, so they can grow, heal, learn and move forward.

What is the purpose of having other lives, have we all had them?

Yes we have all had many, many lives. The purpose is to be and experience everything this planet has to offer. The good, the bad and the ugly, we want to experience everything because it helps our soul grow.

Can I know times, dates and places from the hypnosis to look things up in history?

You can look things up if you have been able see enough details.

You don’t generally know dates and places in trance, but describing clothing, architecture, items can help narrow down the approximate era and area. Occasionally you may see a date on a newspaper or tombstone etc. Sometimes an address on an envelope.